The Social NoteWork

The Social NoteWork is a multi-platform, note-taking application with a social aspect. It has a Node.js runtime/server and 6 separate clients. Mobile [Web, Android & iPhone] and Desktop [Windows, Mac & Linux].

The Social NoteWork GitHub Repo

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I'm openly inviting you all to join me on this journey to develop a truly open social media platform.

Q: Why am I building this? (There are several reasons.)

A1: A recruiter reached out to me about a job recently and I needed to upgrade my portfolio. I REALLY want to work for that company, TBH. This project gives me an opportunity to do that.

UPDATE: That recruiter informed me that the employer chose to move forward with another candidate. I will complete this project regardless of that fact.

A2: At the same time or simultaneously, I want to give something benefical back to the community that gave me so much. The developer community, specifically the open source community.

A3: It's christmas and this is my gift to you. 🎁🎄

I will be updating this post with more information about the project soon.

UPDATE: As of 7/19/24 I moved the repo to the Hamilton Labs Organization to organize it and other repos also to structure it for future opportunity.

UPDATE: As of 3/7/24 I had to slow down development due to some unexpected events. As a result, I was reminded how important it is to take time for my health, I hope you remember to take care of your health too. I will get back on track now. I have a bunch of commits to push. I've updated the milestones because I need a bit more time.

UPDATE: As of 1/21/24 The Social NoteWork is now officially FullStack. I have added the React frontend and linked it to the Express/Apollo-GraphQL backend.

For now, you're welcome to visit the repo and check out the code or submit a pull request.

JavaScript Everywhere

This book inspired me to start building this app.

The author took me through a time machine and had me re-visiting my childhood as I read about his childhood experiences that shaped his future and led him to become a software developer.

We went back to a time when Google, Amazon, and the internet were still babies. I could thoroughly relate because I remember having similar experiences with the technology of that time. Things have changed quite a bit since then.

Having that connection made me feel comfortable about reading the technical content. It inspired me so much I decied to develop an app based on the book and share it with you. I am grateful for him and this book, I highly recommend it.