Mastering Windows 365: Book Review


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This Book Is Excellent For Anyone Interested In Learning, Purchasing, Or Administering Windows 365.

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This is the exact review I left on I’m sharing it here because this is the foundation of an extended book review project that I intend to build upon over time. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and dive deeper with me to learn more about managed cloud computing with Windows 365.

And without further ado, I proudly present to you, the review…

This guide is quite comprehensive and simplifies the complexities of Microsoft 365 and Windows 365 license structures. You can also get a great understanding of the features and products available within Windows 365 from reading this. 

The information presented in this book is coming from some people who helped develop Windows and Windows 365 (yes, there’s a big difference). The authors and reviewers of this book have a combined experience of over 40 years with Microsoft’s ecosystem of products and services. The information comes in an easily digestible format where readers of any skill level can understand and use it right away. 

This book really helped me to understand the differences between Microsoft 365 and Windows 365 because the naming conventions had me super confused! I get it now and you will too if you read this book!

In Conclusion…

Hopefully you’ll join me on this learning journey and chack back in with me later to see the updates.

If you made it this far then you’re the real MVP! 🏆

Thank you for reading. I hope you found value in my review. 🎁

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